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Important update: Garden Waste Collection Service - Sign-up now!

Garden Waste Collection Service

Green Waste Collections
Green Waste Collections
Sign-up to the annual service and get your garden waste collected every two weeks.

Sign up to the Garden Waste Service This link opens in a new browser window
Sign up to the Garden Waste ServiceYou can also visit our information page on other ways you can dispose of garden waste.

Please note: All orders made up to and on 27 January will be delivered in time for the start of the service. Orders made after 27 January and up until 15 February will be delivered within 28 working days - as part of the service's terms and conditions. The first collections start on 18th or 25th of February depending on the week your recycling bin collection falls on. Your purple bin will be emptied on the same day as your recycling bin.

Helpful information and FAQs



Why are you changing the service?

The council must make significant budget cuts, this means we can no longer keep services as they are. Rather than stop the garden waste collections, we're offering residents a new paid-for service costing £35 a year (concessions for those who qualify - £17.50) with a new purple bin.

Are reduced fees/concessions available? 

Yes. Reduced fees will be available for some households. If your household receives maximum Council Tax relief, you will only pay £17.50 for the annual service and can sign-up here . Concessions are only available to households who receive maximum Council Tax relief or households exempt from Council Tax on grounds of mental impairment.

How much will it cost to have my garden waste bin emptied? 

The new service will cost £35 per year. You'll get a 240-litre purple bin which will be emptied every two weeks. If you decide to sign-up part way through a year, the cost will still be £35 for the year.

How can I pay for the garden waste collection service?

You can sign-up and pay for the new service here. You will need to register on to the council's 'My Account' if you don't already have one. Go to My Account here. My Account makes it easier to access our other services - saving you time. When using the service please do not press the back button on your computer or your order may go through again.

How many garden waste bins can I have?

You can order up to 10 garden waste bins. If you're eligible for discounts, it will be at a reduced fee for your first garden waste bin only.

What should I do with my garden waste when the free service has ended?

Garden waste can be home composted or you can take it to the tip to dispose of it for free.  You can also sign up to the new annual garden waste service here.

How will the payment appear on my bank statement?

Your garden waste collection payment would have appeared on your statement as or WV Active (Central Baths). For information, different banks may have different limits on the text field so there may be slight variation.

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Your garden waste collection bin(s) will be delivered within 28 working days of signing-up to the service. When you sign-up to the service you will also be informed of the date of your first collection.

Why did the council only order 20,000 purple bins?

For initial orders we estimated a 20% sign-up for purple garden waste bins, which is 16,000 bins of a potential 80,000 households across Wolverhampton who previously used the free service. We've exceeded our estimation with 20,000 signing-up for the service in just four months.

If the council ordered 80,000 bins straightaway and residents did not sign-up to the service, we would be rightfully criticised for having stock left on the shelves - wasting money. Twenty thousand residents signing-up up to the service is excellent. And we are working closely with the manufacturer to make sure residents who've recently ordered, will get their bins delivered within 28 working days as part of the service's terms and conditions.

I ordered my bin recently, when will it be delivered?

All orders made before and up to 27 January have been delivered in time for the start of the collection service. Orders made after 27 January and up until 15 February will be delivered within 28 working days - which includes the 14 day cooling-off period - as part of the service's terms and conditions.

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Using the Service

How can I sign-up and pay for the new service?  

You can sign-up and pay for the new service here. You will need to register on to the council's 'My Account' if you don't already have one. Go to My Account here. My Account makes it easier to access our other services - saving you time. When using the service please do not press the back button on your computer or your order may go through again.

What can I do with my garden waste if I don't want to sign-up to the new service?

You can dispose of your garden waste in the following ways:

  • You may wish to consider Home Composting
  • You can take garden waste to your local tip for free, here you can find details of location and opening times.

Garden waste should not be disposed of in your general rubbish or recycling bin.

Does the Council still provide compost bins?  

Yes. Here you can find details of our offers and how to order a compost bin.

Will you take extra garden waste that won't fit in my purple bin? 

No. Our crews will not collect any garden waste not placed in your purple garden waste bin. If you have too much garden waste to fit in your bin, consider home composting or you can take your extra garden waste to the tip for free. Here you can find details of tip locations and opening times.

Can I share a garden bin with my neighbour/s?

You can share a garden waste bin with a neighbour or neighbours. But the householder who pays the yearly subscription is responsible if it is contaminated, mis-used or needs replacing.

Do I have to use the bins provided?

Yes. We will only collect waste that is put in the correct bin.

If I sign-up to the new service will my assisted collection apply? 

Yes. Your garden waste bin will be collected by our crew in the same way as your other bins.

What is an assisted collection?

For residents who have difficulty moving their bins, we may be able to arrange for the crew to collect and return your bins from your property. Please note, if you have someone aged 16 or over living at the property and is physically able, you won't be eligible for this service.

How do I get an assisted collection?

To apply for an assisted collection please fill in our Assisted Bin Collection form.

How will I be able to renew my yearly subscription? 

If you've paid for the service online by card you will be sent a reminder towards the end of the year with instructions on how to renew the service. If you decide not to renew your subscription, your garden waste bin will not be emptied when the collections start again.

Will my new garden waste bin be the same colour?

No, you will have a new purple bin when you sign-up to the garden waste collection service.

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What can I put in my garden waste bin?

Here is a list of what can be put in your garden waste bin.

I have signed-up to the service, how will I know when my garden waste will be collected?

A collection calendar will be sent to you showing when your bin will be collected.

Will I get a collection calendar delivered with the new bins?

You'll receive a calendar when you get your new bin. You will also be able to check your collection dates on our website.

Will my bin day change?

No. The day you put out your bin will not change under the new service, garden waste will be collected on your normal recycling week. When the service starts you will be able to check your collection dates on our website.

I live in a property which isn't changing to fortnightly collections (e.g. a flat or apartment), when will my garden waste service end?

The free garden waste service has ended. Residents who never received the council's free garden waste collection service, should liaise with their landlord about arrangements for their garden waste collection service.

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About my Bin

Do I own my bin? 

No, the Council provide and own the purple bin. It is your responsibility to keep the bin secure so it's easy for you to use it for this service.

What if I move to another house in Wolverhampton and have already paid for the garden waste collection?

You can take your bin with you to your new property.  Make sure you tell us your new address and request a new sticker through My Account.

How will the council be able to identify my garden waste bin needs collecting?  

When you pay for this service, we will issue you with a sticker. The crews will also have a list of current customers.

If your sticker gets lost or damaged, please go to My Account to report it. We will arrange for a new one to be sent out to you (which may incur an administration fee).

Crews will not collect waste from garden bins without a genuine sticker.

What will happen if the garden waste bin you provide is lost, stolen or damaged? 

If this happens you will be able to request a new one using an online form that we will make available once the service begins. The council will investigate and may arrange for a replacement bin to be delivered to you. The council will charge for a replacement bin if the loss or damage hasn't been caused by the Council. As you have purchased your bin it is your responsibility as is the security of it.

The bin lid is uneven, what shall I do?

As the purple bins are brand new, in some cases bin lids that appear uneven need a little time to settle - typically just a couple of weeks - which means once settled your bin lid will be as it should.

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Can I get a refund? 

Refunds will only be possible:

  • During a 14-day cooling off period after you sign-up for the service
  • Or if we find it is not possible for our crew to gain access to empty your garden bin.

No other refunds are available. The council will not give refunds for:

  • People who move to a new house outside of the city
  • People who decide to cancel during the year
  • People whose bins are contaminated or too heavy for the crews to move
  • Situations that arise - such as manufacturing/bin delivery - which are completely out of the council's control and there's no way to remedy it immediately  

Refunds will not be issued if the service cannot be delivered due to adverse weather conditions or access problems, please be assured that we will make every effort to return to business as usual and empty your bin where possible.

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Other Questions

What happens to the garden waste when it is collected? 

Garden waste is taken to a local facility where is it composted for reuse.

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